We help take businesses from good to exceptional. Businesses often don't realize their potential. Every business can benefit from honest, impartial, careful analysis. Our experts have been involved in dozens of businesses, ranging in size from small one-man operations to massive multi-billion corporations. Their insights and experiences allow them to identify opportunity that may go unrecognized by entrepreneurs and business owners. Contact us today to see what opportunities you might be missing.

Expanding a business requires every advantage. Don't suffer needless setbacks. Ensure your plan for expansion is well-conceived and avoid potential landmines. Unexpected expenses and complications have hindered many companies during their expansion phases. RMIP mentors and experts can offer a highly critical perspective and help you pursue your business goals more securely and successfully.

Hidden problems can cause serious damage to businesses. Even well-established businesses can find themselves unexpectedly in distress. In such situations, it's common to find the problem has built over time, and may not be something recognized by the business owners. Problems in revenue, funding, personnel, regulation, or other issues should be addressed immediately. Sometimes it takes an external perspective to shed light on problems that threaten the profitability or survival of a business. Don't suffer a slow, painful decline. Contact RMIP today for a fresh, experienced perspective and get your business back on track.