Business plans enhance credibility, focus, and efficiency, and increase chances for startup success.  Entrepreneurs seeking to build a successful startup venture benefit immensely by expending energy on crafting a disciplined, well-considered business plan.  Elements to be addressed in typical business plans include a formal statement of the goals of the business, evidence that the goals are attainable, and a roadmap for reaching those goals.  

New entrepreneurs commonly underestimate the value of carefully crafting a business plan.  Experienced entrepreneurs will attest to the value of the business plan. Perhaps more important than the plan itself, the process of critically examining the proposed startup teaches new entrepreneurs discipline, and broadens their understanding of the business terrain.  These traits are invaluable, and often mean the difference between success and failure for the startup venture. 

Business plans in relation to the "Business Model Canvas." Increasingly, the Business Model Canvas (BMC) has gained significant interest in framing, quickly, the key issues that need to be addressed in a Business Plan. Indeed, one can think of the BMC as a short form proxy for a comprehensive business plan. It allows the entrepreneur to be guided to the issues that will certainly come up when discussing an opportunity with a potential investor. When combined with Lean Startup Methodologies, the BMC is an invaluable tool. The mentors at RMIP are quite conversant in these methodologies.

 Business plans and the "BMC" must be crafted carefully, with consideration given not just to goals and projections, but also to potential problems.  New entrepreneurs tend to be highly optimistic and driven individuals.  It is common for them to give minimal consideration to potential challenges.  At RMIP, we specialize in helping startup ventures carefully consider and assess all aspects of their business plan.  We have a wide array of experienced experts from many fields, with a passion for entrepreneurship.  Take advantage of our confidential services by contacting us today.