You've developed your product, now it's time to take it to market. For many inventors, visionaries, and outside-the-box thinkers, the transition from product development to actual execution and sales can be difficult. The skills needed to successfully take a product or service to market are critical to success for business startups. Entrepreneurs commonly make significant mistakes and miscalculations when transitioning their ideas into going concerns. The experts at RMIP can help new ventures positively navigate the many considerations involved in successfully taking a product to market.  

A clumsy or unprepared product introduction can be very difficult to recover from. Whether your product is a new concept never before seen, or a product new only to your venture, consideration must be given to how it is introduced to the market.  Do you have a strategy to deal with competition, either pre-existing or emergent?  Are you ready to manage customers?  Is your company, including employees and suppliers, ready to support the product?  Your go-to-market strategy must look beyond the product to consider the overall landscape of the market, or markets, appropriate for the product. 

RMIP can provide the impartial, outside perspective necessary to recognize challenges and potential issues with taking your product to market.  We can guide entrepreneurs through the process of evaluating potential customers, identifying market segments, posturing company assets, and assessing competition.  Contact us today to discuss your venture with our advisors.