Finding investors can set your business on the fast track, but it complicates your job as an entrepreneur. You assume a responsibility to your investors. They now have a claim to part of your business, and keeping them happy can be the difference between a good relationship and a highly stressful one. 

Effective investor relations relies upon sound communication. Publicly traded companies commonly have personnel dedicated to investor relations. For those companies, securities law dictates mandatory communications. For privately held ventures, the executive team will typically be directly responsible for communicating with current and potential investors. Depending upon the company, the need for capital, the amount of equity owned by investors, and the investors themselves, investor relations can become a significant portion of the team's activities.  

Understanding how to manage relationships with current or potential investors is critical to entrepreneurs. RMIP can advise on communication strategies and other potentially expensive aspects of investor relations.  Contact us to discuss your specific situation and needs.