Marketing drives profits and business success. Without good marketing, you're just hoping for success. Successful entrepreneurs don't pin their success on hope. Marketing aims to effectively craft and deliver operative communications about a business's products to potential customers. This communication can have several intermediate goals, all of which contribute towards generating income for the business.

Marketing plans assume many forms, ranging from simple to complex. At the most basic, a marketing plan may attempt to cast the company and its products in a positive light with the intent of driving retail or online sales. More involved plans may seek to induce potential customers to engage with sales personnel who will employ face-to-face techniques to drive the transaction. Other plans may involve social media, and the plan may attract the public to interact with the company via social media platforms. 

Marketing must have clear direction and goals. It is all too common for executives and companies to become enthused about marketing campaigns for esoteric reasons, rather than their ability to meet specific goals. This is called "marketing for marketing's sake." It is characterized by an enthusiasm for creating highly engaging or entertaining marketing campaigns with only loose ties to measurable outcomes. Entrepreneurs must ensure they can identify and measure the monetary benefit of a marketing campaign to avoid wasting company resources.

Marketing is a highly creative pursuit bent towards driving measurable results. It can make or break a business startup. RMIP boasts world-class marketing expertise. While we don't offer marketing services, we can help entrepreneurs and existing business owners understand the basics and can steer them in the right direction to find a marketing plan that works for them. Contact us today to start the conversation.