We are accomplished, senior experts with diverse experience in business and startups. We have strong backgrounds and connections in technology and cyber. We want to share our expertise with the next wave of entrepreneurs intent upon introducing world-changing innovations. Let us help you do something extraordinary!

Dr. Ric Denton: Silicon Valley veteran with extensive experience in taking early stage companies from conception to multi-million dollar organizations. Early stage & VC investment.
Alexander Brown, PE, Senior Advisor: 35+ years in the aerospace and defense industry primarily working with space, space-ground, and intelligence systems. Focus has been in R&D, proposal operations, business development, market analysis, technology transfer, and entrepreneurial development. A registered professional engineer in Colorado. BSEE/MBA.
David “Colt” Simmons, USAFA Advanced Technology Liaison & Business Development Director: 30+ years of world-wide business, academic, legislative, and military experience. Provides in-depth expertise and results-oriented perspective. DoD - USAF Space & Combat Operations, Command, Legislative Aide at US Congressional & State Levels, successful business development officer. Lt. Col., USAF, Ret., USAF War College graduate.
Jeff Chapman, Business and Technology Strategist: 35+ yrs in telecom, software and high technology space. Expertise in product planning, mgmt & development; enterprise application architecture; business consulting. Provides strategic & tactical planning, from business formation to product definition and organizational alignment. Executive roles in startups and major corporations.
James Adams, Ph.D., Senior Advisor: Over 30 years managing definition, development, transfer of new products and technologies. Large company, small company and public sector experience. IP expert.
Jim Wittenburg, Technology & Strategic Planning Advisor: Industry veteran.  Advanced technology R&D systems; experience with Venture Capital funded companies, practicing angel investor. Knowledgeable in strategic planning, marketing & sales. Served in executive positions at large corporations and at established and early-stage startups.
Mary Fox, Operations Director: Responsible for operational details including financial administration and reporting, communication, scheduling and coordination of efforts/activities. 35+ years in business, academic and technological arenas; recognized for supporting prospects, clients and colleagues by linking contacts, community, team and startups.
Jay Moody, Senior Advisor: 30+ year USAF & industry veteran in advanced technology R&D, systems development, technology transfer, strategic planning, business development, executive leadership, program, account and organizational management. Acquisitions expert. BS in Engineering Sciences (USAFA), MBA, MS in Systems Engineering, (ICAF).
Stan VanderWerf, Senior Advisor: Over 35 years in federal service and business. R&D, procurement, sustainment, systems. Expertiseranges from space to aviation, manufacturing, 3D printing.
Aaron Bass: 21 year Air Force Veteran, Android Programmer, Marketer, Entrepreneur.