"You can't undo a first impression." This concept applies to companies and products as much as to people. As an entrepreneur, your success may depend upon public perception of you, your business, and your product. Don't leave it to chance. Public relations aims to craft a business reputation that supports your business goals and advances your objectives. It's a complicated endeavor, requiring a robust strategy to implement effectively. RMIP can help steer your public relations efforts, and can recommend assistance for those who face challenges.

Effective public relations brings many advantages. Gaining positive coverage in the media is less expensive, and potentially more effective than advertising. Building relationships with media can allow ongoing opportunities for promotion and interaction with the community. Choreographed social media engagement can reap huge rewards, but done clumsily or ineptly, it can wreak immeasurable damage upon a venture. Before engaging with media or on social media, we highly recommend you spend energy to clearly lay out the desired effect of the engagements, and ensure your engagements remain consistent, disciplined, and focused.

Public relations becomes critical in the event of negative press. Reactions to media that casts you or your business in a negative light must be immediate, decisive, and surgical. Public opinion can sway quickly, depriving entrepreneurs and their business ventures of reputation, sales, and investors. When such an event occurs, it may be too late to begin thinking about public relations. A pre-established program for dealing with and influencing public opinion is invaluable in the event of a sudden public affairs crisis.  The experienced business mentors at RMIP can help you assess the value of rigorous public relations.  Contact us today to start the conversation.