Entrepreneurs work best together. Examine most successful startups and you'll find they capitalized upon the synergies that can be found in partnerships. Lone wolves tend not to advance as quickly, or as successfully. It can be difficult to find the right partner, which is where RMIP can help. 

Speed counts for innovative startups. If your business requires extensive manufacturing facilities, immediate access to a rapidly moving market, or significant infrastructure, a strategic partner may be your best option. Finding the right strategic partner and successfully negotiating an agreement can mean the difference between success and irrelevance. A common mistake for entrepreneurs and emergent businesses involves trying to "do it all" rather than finding the right partner. 

Synergies don't just happen. They are thoughtfully conceived and carefully crafted. RMIP can help you identify potential strategic partners, and may be able to facilitate introductions in some cases. Contact us to widen your entrepreneurial horizons, and perhaps find the perfect strategic partners to push your venture to the next level.