We bridge the gap between research and business. Universities, government agencies, and the military engage in constant research, funded by billions of federal research dollars. Historically, the technologies and patents arising from this research were held by the U.S. government. Over years, they accrued over 28,000 patents, but licensed fewer than 5% of them. A better mechanism for moving technology into the private sector was badly needed.

The technology transfer landscape was dramatically altered with the passage of the Bayh-Dole Act. This law allows institutions developing technology using federal dollars to hold onto their patents and seek innovative ways in which to transfer their technologies into viable commercial products. Such transfers may come in the form of licensing, equity exchanges, or other arrangements. This presents exciting opportunities for both technology-developing entities, and well-positioned entrepreneurs and businesses.

RMIP has dedicated resources assisting research agencies to successfully transition their technologies into private sector endeavors. Most notably, we recently entered into an agreement with the United States Air Force Academy to facilitate transfer of Air Force technology into the commercial sector. For more information on how to become involved in technology transfer, either as a research agency or as a business capable of commercializing new technology, contact us using the form below.